Being accountable

Nov 05

Busy day yesterday for work. I flew to Buffalo, NY to visit a terracotta factory. It was…. AWESOME.

But, in terms of eating well… all the airport food, catered lunch, and restaurants, didn’t really do much good for me. I did spend most of the day walking around though, so I suppose that’s good.

Running out the door Breakfast:
piece of bread and butter on my way out the door to the cab

Real Breakfast (at the airport):
Scrambled Eggs with broccoli & spinach
Some sort of fritter thing
2 breakfast sausage patties
Apple Sauce
Coffee with cream

Lunch: Catered by Panera Bread
1/2 an italian hoagie sandwich
1/2 a roast beef sandwich
side salad with turkey
half a cookie

Snack: (on the plane home) 
2 bags of peanuts
1/2 a can of ginger ale

1/2 a sushi roll
2 dumplings
1 bowl of Unod Noodle Soup

Fancy fake cocktail while out at a bar with a friend. P.s. I’m still sober 🙂

Nov 06

Today I skipped the gym because I was tired from traveling yesterday and feeling very run down. Planning to make up my lifting day tomorrow. I’m traveling to Montana to look at houses this weekend so I might make tomorrow’s gym session so good that it lasts for the weekend.


In other news, I’m thinking about totalling soon. I want to total before I move to Montana since I may be away from a gym for a while, I’m missing my USAPL competition because of the move, and I haven’t totalled since June. I think it sounds like a good idea and I’m feeling like I definitely stronger lately.

Food was much better today than yesterday. Stayed below 1800 calories, hit my 150g protein, and ate lots of veggies.

1/2 cup oatmeal
2 scoops whey protein


4oz chicken breast
Brussel sprouts
Beets with Feta

Whole milk Latte
Turkey Jerky

Tuna Pasta Salad (home made)

  • 4oz past
  • 1 can tuna
  • carrots
  • Celery
  • Artichokes
  • Onions
  • Mayo



3 thoughts on “Being accountable

    • My last total I hit, 250#Squat, 105#Bench, 295# Deadlift.

      I am hoping to add 5-10 pounds to each lift for my next total. Feeling most confident in my squat and bench press going up. Deadlift has been very slow getting to 300 but I think I will have it.

      Yes, I keep very serious logs of my lifting. That’s basically what my blog is for.

      Thanks for posting!

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