Found our Montana Mountain House!!

Sorry for not posting in so long. I’m also sorry for the incredibly cheezy shit I am about to post.

Our adorable new house

I was out of town house hunting in Montana with my husband this weekend 🙂 It was overwhelmingly awesome. Considering I spend most of my life acting very tough I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I totally cried of happiness twice on the trip. I don’t think I realized just how happy moving into the mountains was going to make me, but as we walked out of the airport into a beautiful world of giant mountains, huge pine trees, winding rivers, and roaming horses… I just teared up and started crying. I did it again when we came up the gravel driveway to our beautiful new house. It was overwhelming and beautiful, and I can’t believe my husband and I have been able to make this long time dream a reality. It feels so good to see all of our bravery, guts, and hard work materializing before my very eyes. SO happy 🙂

My own personal mountain man

In training news, Thursday’s session was AWESOME. I hit a nice volume PR for squats, and deadlifts.

3×3 @ 215# High Bar

8 sets of 2 @ 95#

3 @ 265#

Friday I didn’t to much other than fly and drive around looking for houses. It was great 🙂
Saturday, I went swimming in the hotel pool and did a little shoulder circut in the hotel gym. I also did a bit of rock climbing and hiking.
Today, I ran around with my dog and carried 50#s of groceries home from the grocery store… giving me a fantastic pump in my traps 😉 haha.

I’ve signed up for another (informally) Whole Life Challenge and it started yesterday. I made up my own rules to help accommodate my desire for more carbs, and I’m excited to see how the next 8 weeks goes!

Anyway, can’t wait to move into our new place in a few weeks!


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