2013 Total, and Goals for 2014

I did a total yesterday to test my progress and put a milestone on my life as a powerlifter training in New York City – pretty happy with my results and looking forward to starting the next phase of my training in Montana in less than two weeks!

1.) 235# Very Easy
2.) 250# Current PR match 🙂 Went up no problems. Really smooth lift. 
3.) 260# Miss.
Probably would have had 255 and perhaps shot high for 260, but oh well. I am still really happy to have hit 250 again and for it to have felt so incredibly smooth! Feeling very confident in my squat as usual and not bummed at all that I didn’t set a new PR. I spent most of the past few months focusing on my bench and deadlift and I hit PRs on both of those!

105# – This was my current PR and a weight I have hit very consistently for the past year and a half, but have never surpassed. Yesterday however, it felt easier than ever and went up without a hitch. 
110#  – 5# PR!! FINALLY past 105. This lift was very smooth but I had a little sticky spot at the upper half of the lift. 
115# Miss. I got stuck at the same spot as the previous attempt, but this time couldn’t push past it. I think I will have this weight soon. Going to keep working on pushups and pull ups since they are definitely helping my bench. 

255# – very easy and smooth. 
285# – slowing down a little but nothing too hard. I was very confident in hitting this weight. 
300# – FINALLY!!! I was so incredibly happy to hit this big round number. I missed this at my last competition and have been fighting hard for it for the past year since. Super happy to have this under my belt. Looking forward to 315 within the next year 🙂 

670# – Over the past year of my training, I’ve lost 10 pounds of body weight (165# – 155#) and added 20 pounds to my total. I’ve done this while recovering from a very bad back injury (torn disc) in March, and while balancing an intense and stressful career as an architect. All in all, I am incredibly happy with my progress and can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me!

Goals for 2014: 

Powerlifting Goals: 

  • Squat: 275#
  • Bench: 135#
  • Deadlift: 315#
  • Total: 725#
  • Compete in 148# weight class (and get a total in that competition)

Training/Fitness Goals: 

Bodyweight Exercises

  • Pull Ups: 10 unbroken (Currently – 1)
  • Push Ups: 50 unbroken with “Good form” – this means my legs don’t collapse before my chest (Currently –  around 15)
  • 2 minute plank (currently untested)


  • Running – 10K without walking (Currently can run… maybe 2K…maybe)
  • Rowing – 2000 Meter, sub 10 minutes (Currently – untested)
  • Cycling – Bike to Anaconda
  • 100 unbroken KB swings (16gk)

Barbell Exercises: 

  • Front Squat: 225# (Currently 195#)
  • Overhead Press: 95# (Currently 80#)
  • Push Press: 125# (Currently 100#)
  • Power clean/Clean: 135# (Currently 110# and very undertrained)
  • Power Snatch/Snatch: 95# (Currently 65# and EXTREMELY undertrained)

Montana Living Awesomeness

  • Ski or Snowboard a double blue route (Currently I have only skiid once and I sucked. I hope to be at a moderate level by the end of next year.)
  • Go on a 3 day backpacking trip in the Rockies.
  • Complete GORUCK Missoula
  • Climb/hike a mountain (not sure which one yet)

9 thoughts on “2013 Total, and Goals for 2014

  1. nice total. grats!

    cool to wrap up the results of the year, even if it technically isn’t over yet, and look forward to the next. also, the torn disc (and the recovery, which I know can quite tiresome) makes your numbers extra impressive. keep going!

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