My own gym!

Jeff and I just purchased our own home gym, set to arrive in Montana a couple days after we do 🙂 I AM PSYCHED!!!! We got 2 oly bars, 160kilos worth of bumper plates, some change plates, a squat stand, safety bars, a bench and some mats for the floor. SO EXCITINGGGG!

I had my last day at CrowHill CrossFit yesterday. I’m definitely going to miss that place. It was easily my favorite gym in NYC. Such a good group of people and a wonderfully awesome coaching staff. Not a single day that I was there that I didn’t absolutely love everyone I was coaching.

Life has been pretty crazy lately, not very motivated on diet or exercise, but holding up my normal routine in some form or another while I pack up my stuff get closer and closer to the move. Crazy to think that one week from today I will be nearly finished with our drive across the country. Lifting this week was fine, I stayed pretty light and just focused on getting some sort of work in while still recovering from my total.

HB Squats – worked up to 155# for a set of 3, then moved on because my legs really weren’t ready to be lifting again yet.
Bench – 3×5 @ 85#
Rowing – HIIT 150M on 150M off 5 minutes.  (got to about 1200meters)

Snatches – Worked up to 70# (which I think is a PR and a good mile marker for where I’m starting with the 2014 goals)
Clean & Jerk – Worked at 75# for a few triples. Didn’t feel like going up in weight on these.
Front Squats: 1×8 @ 95#. 1×5@135#
HB Squats:  3×3 @ 175#
Chin Ups – 2 sets of 5 with a tiny band. A couple negatives
Kipping pull ups practice – went through the proper way to do this with one of the crossfit coaches. I didn’t quite get it but for the first time ever I understood the concept. It was fun! Lats are sore today.


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