Farewell Brooklyn, Hello Montana :)

The past few days have been very very busy — lots of packing, LOTS of driving, and lots of box moving, and lots of unpacking. It has also been FREEZING cold since we got here, so it’s been hard to get out of the house. I don’t particularly mind becuase I am happy to spend my time setting up the new place, but man… it’s cold. The drive was absolutely wonderful and I am feeling incredibly lucky, blessed, proud, and happy to be where I am right now. I can’t wait to be fully settled in.

Compared to Brooklyn, Montana is QUIET and BEAUTIFUL.

I’m not feeling like a writer right now, so I’m gonna cut this short and just post some pictures. Ya’ll can expect a more serious post about my plans for upcoming training and nutrition plans soon.

Me and Roki, about to hit the road

Cows and corn (of which there was A LOT)

This was probably the most nutritious meal I had over the 4 day drive… so much junk

I did do some hotel stretching! Good to get the hips open for the 12 hours drives 🙂

Jeff and Roki in Wall, South Dakota

HOME MADE DONUTS in South Dakota, YUM!

Happy couple hits Montana 🙂 We still had another 8 hours of driving ahead of us though

Roadside Rockies

My new 10K foot neighbors! Can’t wait to climb them this summer!


Perhaps most importantly, NEW KITCHEN!! (So in love!)



6 thoughts on “Farewell Brooklyn, Hello Montana :)

    • Thanks! We are incredibly happy. The big beautiful house, in the middle of nowhere, is a welcome change – even if it comes at the expense of all human interactions and fancy restaurants 😉

      • It will be a completely different lifestyle, that’s for sure. Embrace it, it could be everything you never knew you always wanted! 😉

        How far are you from civilization?

      • We have a teeny-tiny town (sub 1000 people, tiny) about a mile away, but for all things other than basic groceries and touristy stuff (old coal mining town)… we are an hour away from civilization. But, it’s a very very beautiful mile.

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