CANDY!! (…and a new erg!!)

Today was a fun day with my husband. We returned the U-haul and are now officially unable to repack and go back to Brooklyn 😉 so this shit is official! We are Montanans! On the ride home, we went and hung out in the snowy mountains for a while, and then went to the local candy store to buy some sweet treats for our friend’s and family’s christmas cards. It was super cutesy and nice.

Food was good today, lots and lots of home made deliciousness… as well as a few too many samples of candy from the candy store…. BUT… we did get our new erg in the mail! So, perhaps I’ll go do some intervals on it once I’m finished writing this post.

Jeff setting up our new Concept 2 rower! WOOO!! The new gym is starting to grow!

Food Log Dec 5

2 breakfast sausage links
1 egg
1 slice of home-made whole wheat bread
1 tsp butter
Coffee with cream

leftover bowl of split pea and bacon soup
3 pieces of leftover breakfast sausages

Snack:  :} teheheheeeee ohmnomnomnommmmm!!
whole milk Latte (which I made myself, like a friggin hipster barista from Brooklyn)
2 pieces of chocolate truffles
1 piece of licorice
2 gummy candies

This was fun… but I have a serious belly ache now… oh well.

1 roasted chicken breast
1/2# roasted brussel sprouts
1 baked potato with butter and sour cream

Drank lots of water today and generally felt pretty happy with my diet. Getting into the groove of making all of my own meals and really enjoying it. I am enjoying my new life without the luxury of take-out and fancy restaurants and want to take advantage of my nice big kitchen and all the yummy new foods around me as much as possible. I’m planning on making more foods from scratch, especially things that require fermentation, aging, and curing. Jeff and I started a batch of home made sauerkraut a few days ago and I am looking forward to trying that in a few weeks!! Look for more recipes of this type on the blog. Now that I have the space, shit’s gonna get a whole lot weirder!

Pressing the kraut! We’ve since added purple cabbage and it is sooooo pretty 🙂


I did the first official workout in my newly born home gym 🙂


500m row
20 air squats
10 push ups
30 flutter kicks
15 lunges left
15 lunges right
15 air squats
10 push ups
30 flutter kicks
500m row

Weeee!!! Feels so good to get a workout in! It’s been over a week!


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