5’s Week – Deadlifts

2 breakfast scones
Protein shake – 2 scoops whey

Sunny Sunday morning in my gym 🙂

5,3,1 – 5’s week – Deadlift Day

60k x 5

80K x 5 – No belt, double overhand
90k x 5 – No belt, double overhand (switch for last two)
105k x 5 – belt, switch grip. These were surprisingly hard… I think i just wasn’t mentally prepared for them.

23 reps (17 + 15 second break +5)

Accessory Work – 3 rounds AMRAP <2min rest between sets

 Snatch Grip Deadlifts @ 60kilos:
8, 6, 6
Total: 20 reps. I will do this same weight but from blocks next time. This was WAY too much quad work from the floor.

Strict Barbell Rows @ 30 kilos:
18, 15, 13
Total: 46 reps. Will retake this weight next time and push hard to hit 50. I think I can.

1500 Meter Row: 7:20 – good row. I kept a good pace. I wanted to do 2000 meters, but my left glute was cramping

Foam Rolling:
Lower back, glutes, hamstrings.

2 leftover steak enchiladas

*1.5 mile hike – steady up-hill climb (then back down)*

1 leftover steak enchilada

Braised short ribs with Mashed potatoes and white wine beef gravy. Fuck. Yes.


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