5’s Press, 3’s Squat … and a whooooole lotta work

Well, I been trapped in the wonderful world of AutoCAD for the past few days. Yes, I’m working from home these days, but the long hours are still catching up with me somehow. Turns out it’s not just my boss who’s a work-a-holic…. it’s me as well 😉 The building is coming along though and I enjoy my job, so… whatever. I’m making some mental & professional gains, and sometimes they are more important than muscular gains.

Christmas Ornaments made from the dregs of my work-a-holic tendencies … SCRAP SKETCH PAPER!

Anyway, despite the long hours, I’ve been getting in lots of good hikes with Jeff and Roki (usually 2 mikes a day). I also fit in a good lifting session this evening, to make up the one I missed on Monday.

Roki…. “hiking”

Food’s been… good… but pretty non-impressive from a health standpoint. I’m focusing less on food quality lately, as have been more interested in having fun baking in my new kitchen. Everything has been home-made, and all my meals are full of protein, but I haven’t been eating particularly “healthy” by any diet’s standards (though, maybe this could work for If It Fits Your Macros…. if I was actually tracking macros… which I’m not)… whatever. Fuck all the diets. I am having a good time cooking and eating delicious food with my husband, and I feel no need to apologize about it. Plus, I feel great. All this hiking, rowing, and lifting seem to be making good use of the hearty foods I’m eating.

Lots of breakfast scones and protein shakes the past few days. I like it 🙂


1 cup “Cream of The West” 7 grain hot cereal, butter & milk
2 scoops whey protein
1 coffee

Oatmeal raisin scone

1/2# ground beef
tomato sauce
3 small slices home made sour dough

about 6 gummy bears…. woops!
Tiny Baked Potato with Butter & Sour Cream

6oz Chicken Breasts
1/2 cup of cooked penne pasta
Green Peppers
1/2 cup Milk
tbsp butter

5,3,1 – 3’s Squat + Make-up 5’s Overhead Press

Fun day lifting! I am still very sore from last week — After two weeks off, hitting a bunch of max rep lifts is BRUTAL. But… I’m slowly getting less sore as the days go on, so I should be back to my normal self soon 🙂

Pretty happy with my squats today, my back wasn’t hurting as bad as last week, and things were feeling nice and tight. After a few months of experimenting with high-bar/low-bar (fuck, any-bar (!) that will alleviate the pain I get in my shoulder and elbow when I squat), I’ve settled into a rack position that I am feeling pretty good about. The bar is in low-bar position (settled just over on my rear delts, below the spine of the scapula), but my hands are much much closer to my shoulders than I used to have them. I’ve also pulled my elbows tighter up against my body. My chest is big, and my thumbs are around the bar. I’m sure Mark Rippetoe would shit if he saw it — but I guess that’s the beauty of lifting in my fucking basement. No one will see it but me 🙂 Anyway, things have been feeling very tight since I’ve started squatting with this set up and so far, no pain in my shoulders or elbows. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

20k x 10
60k x 5

75k x 3
80k x 3 (then, I thought I took the wrong weight so I took it again… turned out I didn’t… fucking can’t get used to counting in kilos)
80k x 3
90k x 3

10 reps (with belt)

Front Squat 3x AMRAP @ 40K
15 reps
15 miserable reps
12 reps
Total 42 reps. Will retake this weight next time.

Overhead Press: 

20k x 5
25k x 5
27.5k x 5

3x AMRAP @ 20K
12 reps
10 reps
10 reps
Total 32 reps. Will retake this weight next time.

1 apple. (still very full from dinner)


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