Festivus Rest Day

Back to work today, then a little trip to Missoula for some last minute christmas decorations and some ICE SKATES!!! Super excited to use them tomorrow at the rink.

Feeling the Christmas spirit in the air lately. I got ice skates, I got presents and cookies in the mail from my mom and my mother-in-law, I decorated my tree, I hung up my stockings…. and now…  I’m watching Die Hard. YES!


Breakfast 1:
Oatmeal raisin scone

1 mile hike in the snow with the dogs.

Breakfast 2:
1 cup greek yogurt with walnuts, vanilla, stevia.
1 piece of oatmeal raisin toast

a Christmas cookie from my Mother-In-Law

1 mile hike in the snow with the dogs

Very Late Lunch while out on the road and STARVING:
Wendy’s Baconator (and a couple french fries). HAHA…. this was the first time I’ve ever eaten one of these… it was surprisingly awesome. 

Mini-Dinner (not very hungry due to late baconator lunch):
2 pieces of string cheese
1 boneless BBQ rib

1 clementine
1 apple
2 piece of string cheese


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