Not loving 5,3,1

I realized today that I have been procrastinating my lifting sessions the past few weeks, skipping sessions, and feeling generally…. meh about doing my program. Generally just haven’t been interested in doing anything other than deadlifting… and I think I’m honestly just not that interested in 5,3,1. I ran it many years ago and enjoyed it, but it was when I was a very very very early lifter and I think I really just loved lifting… not necessarily 5,3,1. I did it again about a year ago, and didn’t love it… but I thought this time might be different. It’s not. I’m bored.  Anyway, I decided that before I get to far into the head space of skipping sessions and feeling bored with my lifting that I would try something else.

In light of this, I’ve decided to copy off of Strongerer and run a 3 week cycle of Smolov Jr – for both my squat and my bench. I’ve been in the mood to eat a fucking house lately, and I’ve been sleeping tons now that I work from home and have less stress/commute etc. related to my job. So, I feel like a really hard peaking program that can utilize these good recovery habits sounds like fun. Plus, I’m 3 weeks away from my next deadline at work, so today seemed like a good time to start. I can de-load/rest the week of my deadline and then test my lifts afterward.

New lifting partners…. Every day is leg day, for them.

I did my first day of it today and I LOVED it. I feel like the percentages were spot on. Heavy, but not unbearable… and with some good tunes in my headphones the massive number of sets just zoomed by. I’m really looking forward to pushing this hard for the next three weeks and hopefully making some gains (especially on my bench, which has been plateaued for a LONG time). I anticipate that this program will work well for my benc. The only thing that has pushed it over the past year was actually the 4x/week “100 push ups” program I ran… and that was a lot of “greesing the groove” type work (just like this is). Considering I typically don’t do much volume at all, and only bench once a week… and that is, flat out, not working… perhaps this 4x a week exposure will be just what I need. ::ahem:: or I’ll end up overtrained and injured 😉 One of those.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling really good lately. I think I can handle this. And I’m very excited to push through the tough spots for the next three weeks. Wish me luck!

3 eggs scrambled with onions, peppers, gruyere, milk, cilantro.
Salsa & Sour cream
3 breakfast sausages

Morning Shit:
1 mile hike with the dogs
1 hour of ice skating … slow and casual

1 large bowl of home made chicken noodle soup

Smolov Jr. Week 1 Day 1

6 sets of 6 @ 75K

These all felt good. I worked on making every set consistent. Keeping my chest up, my gaise up a little higher than I usually keep it, and not letting my shoulders/back collapse as the volume wore me down.

6 sets of 6 @ 35K

These felt great. Pretty easy, so I kept the rest minimal. I think that all the high volume accessory work I did over the past 3 weeks really helped me be able to handle this.

Lots of stretching and foam rolling.
Lots of water. 
1 mile hike with my dogs

Lunch 2/Post-Lifting:
2 scoops whey protein
Fist size piece of leftover rib roast
1/2 cup of leftover potatoes

2 pieces of string cheese
3 cookies

Evening Shit:
30 minutes of foam rolling and stretching, focusing on hips and upper back.

Fist size piece of leftover rib roast
1/2 cup of leftover potatoes


3 thoughts on “Not loving 5,3,1

  1. oh awesome! Glad you are excited about your programming again! I would love to do Smolov for squats again sometime, just never have enough time off derby.

    Are you planning to do a lot of pulling with it? I’ve been doing a ton of band pullaparts, face pulls, rows and pullups and my shoulders feel worlds better than they did last time.

    • I will probably be doing regular rowing on the erg and band pull aparts for recovery… but not much more than that. I think this volume alone is going to be enough for me 🙂 gonna be serious on the stretching and water drinking too!

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