Day 2 Smolov Jr. and some skiing

Lots of hard work today. Got up bright and early to go skiing with Jeff and we had an awesome time. I am MUCH better at skiing than I remembered being last time and DRAMATICALLY better that I was at snow boarding. Got my seasonal rentals and season pass so plenty more practice up ahead this winter 🙂

Barbie goggles 🙂

After skiing I got to the basement and did my second day of Smolov Jr. It was much much harder than yesterday… I assume mostly because I did my first day of this rather intense cycle… well… yesterday! (::ahem:: and then I went skiing this morning ::ahem::). Either way, my legs were sore, so the squats were rough! But, after the first 3 sets, they had loosened up a lot and things were a lot smoother. The last 2 sets were tough, but nothing unmanageable. Bench was pretty easy again, but more challenging than yesterday. While I have a very strong feeling this programming may be too much for me for me to recover from on squats, I am feeling like it’s going to be GREAT for my bench. We shall see in a week or two I suppose.

My first official green run! 900 ft descent. Looking forward to my next. 

1 cup of 7 grain cream of wheat with butter and milk
2 eggs cooked in olive oil

Morning Shit:
About an hour of casual skiing. I took it pretty easy since it was my first day on the slopes. All went well! Only fell once and only cried that time because I couldn’t get my damn boot back in the ski 😉 ::sigh:: it was frustrating… and my head was hot…. shut up.

1 giant hamburger with all the toppings NOM!
1 cup of hash-brown casserole (This is like a mid-west/western thing I think… it is SO GOOD!)

2 Chocolate chip cookies

Week 1 Day 2 Smolov Jr.

Squat: 7 sets of 5 @ 80Kilos
Bench: 7 sets of 5 @ 37Kilos

Post Lifting:
2 scoops whey protein while taking a shower. Then a nap  ❤ ❤ ❤

1 chocolate chip cookie
3 pieces of string cheese

Big portion of home made lasagna (ground beef, pasta, sauce, etc.) YUM!

Snack: (maybe more cookies… not sure yet)
1 apple
1 clementine
1 beer

P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much I love eating when I’m on a bulking cycle. FUCK I LOVE IT. GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD!!!
P.P.S. Look at that morning power belly!!!! I have to say, I love my fluffy abs 🙂 Who needs a super lean tummy when you could have…. dinner!

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 5.29.21 PM


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