Sweet sweet rest day ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz :)

Nothing to report here, except a solid day of rest. Got lots of good sleep last night and enjoyed just hanging out and eating food all day. Resisted the urge to go skiing today with Jeff as I knew it wasn’t what my leg muscles needed to continue with Smolov Jr. I AM SORE!! I went on a little walk with the dogs, and did a lot of housework, but mostly… nothing. It. was. awesome. Just what I wanted.

Dog walk & some front yard horses

Jeff’s family is visiting us this week and they got in from Jersey/New York today. We had a big dinner, a wonderful dessert, and some drinks. So nice to have visitors 🙂 Looking forward to skiing and lifting tomorrow!

Bubba ate one of these amazing fresh loaves of bread — RIGHT — off the counter…. awesome…

like… WAY… too many breakfast sausages (not really… just more than any normal person should eat in one sitting)
2 eggs
coffee with cream

Bowl of chicken noodle soup
String cheese

2 slices of the sourdough above (the one that my dog didn’t eat), with butter. 
2 bites of leftover lasagna
coffee with cream

6oz Rib Eye
Kale Salad with apples, blackberries, cranberries
Garlicy Cheddar Mashed potatoes
1 beer

1 slice of home made apple pie (which I made… including the crust(!)…which was AMAZING!)
1 glass of wine


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