Happy New Year!

The Zellner Family New Year’s feast was AMAZING this year!! So much good food 🙂 The Swedish Meatballs, the Haselback Potatoes Graten, the caramel rolls, the home made sour kraut,  the black eye’s peas, the Oreos, the M&M’s, the 3 pepper salad…. and, well…. EVERYTHING was awesome 🙂 I love this weird family tradition.

New Years Feast 2014

I’m a little behind on my logging but with Jeff’s family staying with us for the past 3 days, I haven’t really had much time to be at the computer. Food has been over the top and oof I am feeling FULL! Also, too much drinking of beer, and not enough drinking of water – contemplating my decision to go back to allowing myself to drink alcohol. It’s not feeling like it was the best choice. I’m not acting drunkardly or anything like that, I’m just not really enjoying drinking… so I don’t see the point. I may cut it back out completely — we’ll see.

Anyway, after a very busy week of family fun, I’m really looking forward to returning to normal non-holiday life soon.


Monday, Dec 30 Training — Week 1 Day 3 Smolov Jr. 

2 miles of hiking
Squats: 8 sets of 4 @ 85 Kilos. These were hard, but not as hard as the previous session. The rest day was helpful. 
Bench: 8 sets of 4 # 40 Kilos. These felt fine. Nice and smooth most of the way though.

Tuesday, Dec 31 Training

2 miles of hiking & LOTS of skiing. This was supposed to be a rest day, but I wanted to go skiing with the fam, so I did. Also…. I’M GETTING GOOD!! I already hit my 2014 goal of skiing a blue rout 🙂 I fell every time I took it, but I took it twice! Super proud of myself for being so brave and for not giving up whenever shit got challenging. I am like a champ on the green rout’s now, and the blue’s are proving to be a fun challenge. Jeff did a black, and that looked a bit to hard for  me still. I think that’s a good goal for 2014. 

Wednesday, Dec 31 — Week 1 Day 4 Smolov Jr. 

Squats: 2 sets of 3 @ 90Kilos

I  decided to call my squats at 2 sets (Before completing the entire 10 sets as I was supposed to). I expected these to be easy, but my right quad surprised me with EXCRUCIATING soreness (I assume from skiing and drinking beer yesterday, instead of recovering like I was supposed to do… ugh). I started getting really nervous I was going to pull a muscle while lowering the weight. I’ve been pushing my body much harder than I usually do the past few weeks, so I decided that I wouldn’t push it today. Also, I’m going to get my period soon and thats always when I get injured so… not pushing. I am planning to retake this work session on Friday and also use it as an extra day of rest for my bench before starting the next cycle on Saturday. Really enjoying this programming though, I just need to

Bench: 10 sets of 3 @ 42 Kilos.

These felt fine, but I was harboring some frustration from my squats. Looking forward to continuing with my bench next week 🙂 So happy with how it’s been going.

Ice Skating


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