Holy Shmoley!

Today’s lifting sessions was one of the best I’ve had in a LONG time… maybe ever! Everything felt super light, my achy joints just… stopped aching, my belt wasn’t too tight (or too loose). It was perfect! I am totally falling in love with Smolov Jr. I just wish I could use it longer than 3 weeks. That said, I know that I can’t because my joints are getting achy and probably not recovering as well as my muscles… but I feel like it’s really working well for me so far and I hope to be able to incorporate some of the same principals when I work out a more sustainable program to follow this up with.

Days like today are why I love lifting. Even if it sucks for a few months, I always seem to end up having a session that just makes me so proud and happy that the months of hard work and suffering seem worth it. Really looking forward to continue with this and to maybe testing afterward (haven’t decided if I will yet)

Belt of POWER!

2 eggs in bacon fat
1 piece of sourdough toast

1 mile hike while throwing a ball around for the dogs

1 bowl of Beef Stew

  • about 6oz beef
  • carrots
  • onions
  • celery
  • bit of flour
  • 1/4 cup brown rice
  • tsp oatmeal
  • herbs n shit

2 slices sourdough toast

2 scoops whey

Week 2 Day 3 Smolov Jr.

Squats: 8 sets of 4 at 90K – These felt so good! I couldn’t believe how easy it felt. Especially since last week I could barely muster 2 sets of 3 at this weight. Something weird is happening with this Smolov programming… It’s like the weights get heavier every session, but they just feel easier. Super strange (and awesome!). Obviously, I like it. This is definitely the easiest 200# has ever been for me and especially for 8 friggin sets! So happy with it.

Bench: First set of 4 @ 43Kilos, but then decided to push the weight up because it felt so easy, I did the remaining 7 sets of 4 @ 45Kilos! They all felt good — Pretty hard for the last rep of the last 3 sets, but I made it through all of them! To be clear, 45Kilos is my current meet record, and a PR that I was stuck at for a looooong time. It feels so good to have hit this weight so many times today 🙂

Post Lifting:
string cheese…. ehhh wasn’t hungry after the shake and stew… whatever, I’m sure I’ll get my damn gainz

1 cup leftover cucumber salad from yesterday
1 bowl leftover stew (same as above)


2 thoughts on “Holy Shmoley!

  1. Good for you, I love that you keep going even when it “sucks for a few months”. Most people would take a day or two or maybe a week of suckitude and then give up. You’re teaching your body to do something different and hard and it would seem that it takes perseverance to “get there”.

    I have to do something about my programming….it’s all over the map, half the time I don’t even have a real plan before I get there in the morning.

    • Thanks! I really enjoy training, and I know that it’s not always easy. But that’s why I like it. Jim Wendler says something about being able to spot beginners by how upset they get with a bad day/week in 5,3,1. I’ll have to look up the quote because it’s really good.

      And yes, sticking with programming is really challenging for me as well. I (literally) have ADD, and therefore have a very hard time staying focused and consistent, I LOVE change my mind every week. One of my 2014 goals to be more consistent and to follow through with my intentions even when I get to that “3 weeks later I’m bored” moment. I think choosing a program with a set time limit was a good choice for me. I will definitely be doing that again after this. Nice to have an end point in sight.

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