BBQ & Gym Decorating

Today was a rest day and it felt goooood 🙂 I got a lot of sleep last night (like… almost 11 hours I think). It rocked. Then I just hung out, tediously designed the building I’m working on, went on some hikes with Jeff and the dogs, and ate a whooooole lot of BBQ from our local BBQ joint, UpNSmoke. I went there for lunch… then Jeff and I went back again for dinner. The ribs are like ranked 5th best in the WORLD or something crazy like that… and it’s true… they are amazing.

After work, I decorated the gym. It was cheesy and silly, but it was fun. It’s got a nice 90’s dorm room thing going on now. American flag. Pirate flag. Rope lights. Home made decorations. It’s pretty rockin. I am accepting donations of metal bands and strength athletes to help continue the awesome stoner vibe 😉

1/2 cup (dry) cream of the west with butter
2 eggs in bacon fat
Coffee w/ cream

1 banana

4 baby back ribs
1/2 cup potato salad

1 pulled pork sandwich
1/2 cup potato salad

2 pieces string cheese
1 apple


4 thoughts on “BBQ & Gym Decorating

  1. Thanks! I’m loving the home gym situation 🙂 I couldn’t fit the squat rack in the picture, it’s to the left of the platform… honestly where I spend most of my time though.

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