Heavy Lifting and A Delicious Pizza

Did my last day of Smolov Jr. Week 2, for Squat and Bench, today and it was a doozie! The squats were great, in fact, really great. The first couple sets were rough, but after I pushed through them I got into a nice groove and had a lot of fun putting up some pretty heavy weight with relative ease. These all felt heavy, but not hard. Which was kind of interesting. They weren’t super fast, but it wasn’t like a painful grind in any way, just… steadily moving up. Becoming conditioned to this high intensity high volume work has been really interesting to me. I like it a lot.

The bench on the other hand kicked my fuckin ass today. Perhaps I was just feeling super strong on Wednesday and it was just some weird fluke… or perhaps I haven’t fully recovered from that session yet…but I couldn’t even make a 1kilo jump for all of my work today. I ended up doing the same weight as Wednesday for my last 5 sets. In the end this is where I was programmed to be, so I’m not bummed, just not totally sure why I was so super strong on Wednesday.

Then, after all that lifting, I ate a fuck-ton of pizza. It was BALLER.

Squat: 10 sets of 3 @ 95Kilos (209#) I was very happy with this. Last time I attempted a 3×3 a 210 I failed on my 2nd set. So this is a major improvement.

Bench: Supposed to be 3×10 @ 45 (99#), but then since I took the weight up to 45 last session, I thought I’d try 47(103.4) That was way too hard, so I went to 46… and… eventually ended up back at 45… so, right where I was programmed to be originally. I will just follow the programming next week
47×3, Terrible grind, form what slacking so I took the weight down (this is a rep PR though!) 46×3, 46×3, 46×3, 46×2 (failed last rep… roll of shame), 45×3, 45×3, 45×3, 45×3, 45×3. Still really happy with this. The last 3 sets felt great. Form felt really dialed in.

3 slices of bacon
1/2 cup dry Cream of the west w/ butter and milk
coffee with cream

1 bowl of beef stew

2 scoops whey

Post Lifting:
1.5 cups cottage cheese
1 banana

1 apple
2 pieces string cheese

Friday Night Pizza! – this is one of my favorite local food joints here in Philipsburg. It’s a pizza shop that is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. So cute. It is AWESOME pizza and it’s run by really great local people. A husband and wife who run a laundromat, loved cooking pizza, and just wanted to open a shop… so they did!! My husband and I have been happy to support it on a nearly weekly basis 😉  Wonderful post heavy day


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