Week 3 Day 3, Smolov Jr.

I took an extra recovery day after my last session because I had a work deadline yesterday and I didn’t think my training would go very well after spending the day burnt out and stressing like a mad woman. Happy that I did. The extra sleep felt great. Pretty great session today — It was my second to last day of Smolov Jr. and it went really well. I hit all my lifts quite solidly, though I was pretty fried after my squats. The last couple sets were challenging, more on my nerves than my muscles. I think I was just ready to be done … and wanted a nap 😉 Felt great though. Really happy with the entire session. Bench went well to 🙂 PRs all around!

2 eggs
1 slice bacon
2 slices home made sourdough
coffe w/ cream

2 scoops whey

Week 3 Day 3, Smolov Jr. Squat & Bench:

Squat: 8 sets of 4 @ 100Kilos (220#) This was a big volume PR for me. The most I have ever done 220# for is 3 reps (total.. 1 set) I was really happy to hit this so consistently for all 8 sets! Really happy with it.

Bench: 8 sets of 4 @ 45Kilos – This is the same weight I did last week when I was feeling ambitious. This week it felt easier and smoother.

1 cup rice

1/2 cup rice
Chicken Masala

1 bowl of granola and whole milk

1 bowl of ramen, with carrots, 2 eggs, mushrooms and green onions
1 bowl of brussel sprouts with bacon


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