New Coach :)

The big news in my lifting life right now, is that I officially have a new powerlifting coach! I have been feeling awfully alone out here in the mountains of Montana. It is beautiful, but it didn’t come with an amazing lifting partner to replace my old one. So, I thought it was a great time to get a professional on my programming and another set of eyes on my lifts.

I have been feeling really ambitious and motivated lately (if you haven’t noticed), and I want to make the most of that by optimizing my programming and training in the best way possible. 

So, I’m super excited to announce that in February I will begin working with Matt Gary of SSPT. I was specifically interested in working with Matt because he successfully trains a lot of female lifters and I’ve heard wonderful wonderful things about him from Vanessa Gale and other lifters who train with him.

From his online bio:

Matt is a USAPL Senior International Coach and has coached at the highest levels in powerlifting both as an assistant and head coach on the USAPL Men and Women’s Open World Teams since 2003. Matt was also the head coach of the USA Men’s Team at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Recently, Matt was named the 2012 USAPL Coach of the Year and is currently the Chairman of the Coaching Committee.

In addition to all the awesome credentials Matt is carrying around, he has been super duper friendly in all of our communications, and (…not that he is defined by his wife’s achievements, but…) he is married to one of my personal idols, Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary 😉 Which is pretty exciting in it’s own weird way.

Anyway…I’m sure I hardly need to say this, but,  I. AM. PSYCHED. to start working with him!


Big news in my nutrition life…. my awesome neighbors dropped off all this fresh produce as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift!!

Jan 19, Log:

Today was a rest day, and one I was a tad uninterested in taking it honestly. I have my last day of Smolov Jr. tomorrow and was antsy to just go in and do it. BUT. I know I need the rest after yesterday’s session, so I forced myself to enjoy a day of easy hiking, cleaning, and cooking. A solid Sunday all around. The hiking was especially fun. My dogs are insane.

Jeff made sourdough pancakes. They were amazing
1/2 an apple
1/2 an orange

2 cups of bone broth… yep, it was weird, but it was good!

1 cup cottage cheese
1 banana


1 cup home made ramen noodles
Home made broth
6oz of steak
green onions

protein shake & fruit


2 thoughts on “New Coach :)

  1. That’s awesome! Their gym is not too far from me (though not particularly metro accessible) and I have been wanting to go out there for awhile.

  2. I am super excited 🙂 I’ve been trying to get him to coach me for a long time. I think I first contacted him over a year ago! You should definitely go visit them. I would go just to watch Sioux-z lift! Quite the inspiring little lady!

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