So much working…

Oooof, my job was nuts today. Working on big database style projects is awfully hard on the brain :\ BUT, the good news is, I got to work with my handsome husband! He taught me how to set up the database and helped set up a program to input and output information from it… so that was nice 🙂

Big brain, big beard, big muscles, big glasses — what a dreamboat ::sigh:: 

2 eggs
3oz ham
1oz Gruyere
Coffee w/ cream

2 scoops whey

2 bratwursts
1 slice sourdough
1/2-1 cup home made saurkraut (Over a month in the basement and it turned out AWESOME!!!!)

Purple Cabbage is So Pretty ❤ (even when it’s been rotting for a month) 

1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup muesli & granola

“I’m Totaling Tomorrow and want Extra Carbs” Meal:
Ramen Noodles
Home made beef broth

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