25 pounds on my total in 4 weeks, WOAH DUDE.

Not BAD! I am really impressed with how well Smolov Jr worked — after feeling stalled (or damn close to it) for the past year, these are HUGE PRs for me. 14# on squat 11# on bench. Amazing for 3 weeks of work and a week of rest.

I also attribute these gainz to … Montana. SO peaceful 🙂

Weighed in this morning at: 74.3Kilos (163.6#) 5# heavier than I was a month or two ago when I last weighed myself. I was eating a LOT for Smolov Jr. If this was a competition…. I would have NAILED the weigh in 😉


110Kilo (242#) – Good – This is the weight I based my Smolov Jr cycle on… this was definitely the easiest this weight has ever felt! Very quick and tight feeling.

120Kilo (264#) – Good – 14# pr! Also extreeeeemely easy and fast! – camera fell over during the lift, so.. no footage)

130Kilo (286#) – Fail… This was an accidentally large jump…my fucking dog peed on the basement floor right before this attempt so my head got all spun and I was only half paying attention to the math I was doing ::sigh::  I thought I was going up 10 pounds, but I added 10 kilos… and while I lowered it completely under control, I didn’t have it (unsurprisingly) . I attempted 125Kilos(275#) afterward but didn’t have it. I feel confident that I will have 125 very very soon! I got out of the hole with it, but couldn’t get past that sticky halfway point. I honestly think I might have had it if I didn’t mess up my math here and attempt much heavier beforehand. Oh well, it’s coming soon! I may need to up my goal for the end of the year 😉


I did not pause these. I didn’t train with a pause really, so I was apprehensive about it. Plus, I just wanted to hit these fucking PRs so bad, I didn’t really care if they were a little dirty. I will get this cleaned up soon. Right now, I am ecstatic to see the weight on my bench press go up!

50 kilos – (110#) Good (the weight I based my Smolov Jr cycle on and my current PR) Again, very easy

53 kilos (117#) –  Good. 7# pr. This felt pretty easy

55 kilos (121#)  – Good. 11# pr! Very smooth. Not necessarily “easy” per say, but smooth and not a grind at all. I am really happy about this lift. I feel like my bench is finally starting to move somewhat regularly. After a year and a half stuck at 105, I have added 15# to my bench in the past 2 months. 10 of which came in the past 4 weeks! Lesson? NEEDS MORE VOLUME!!


I did not deadlift at all during the Smolov Jr cycle, I only squatted and benched. Some people say that they can add weight to their deadlift from only squatting… not me apparently. I’m really not too disappointed that I didn’t get a new PR here.  I also switched to no shoes per the recommendation of my new coach. I think that will be a good switch, I attempted 140 kilos twice, once with and once without shoes… I got it an inch off the ground without shoes, and couldn’t even move it with my shoes on.

110Kilos (242#) – Good… easy weight.

130Kilos (286#)  – Good (no shoes… felt fine, but kind of slow.)

140 kilos (308#) – Fail (this would have been an 8# pr, but I didn’t make it.)


Then I proceeded to go outside, hike, and chill in the grass with my dogs and husband for like 6 hours. IT WAS AN AMAZING DAY.

I also ate around 6 thousand calories (I don’t even know if I’m exaggerating (OK, I probably am, but not too much)) and I am not even going to try to type them all out in detail. Highlights included — cream of wheat & oatmeal, eggs, pulled pork, ribs, macaroni salad, potato salad, pizza hut (sheesh…), and fucking GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! (Which you can apparently just buy at the grocery store now! WHAT?!)


6 thoughts on “25 pounds on my total in 4 weeks, WOAH DUDE.

  1. good job! very impressive increases in max lifts, especially when you consider it was a four week cycle (just like you wrote above).

    have you had the time and energy to plan your lifting for the near future?

    • Thanks! I am very happy with the progress!

      Yes, I actually decided to hire a professional to help me with my programming from here on out so that I can be more focused on lifting technique and recovery, and less on wondering what the hell I should be doing 😉 I will be working with Coach Matt Gary from SSPT from here on out! Really excited about it!!

      • oh right, you wrote about that the other day. sounds really interesting, actually. having a coach is absolutely lovely, for the reasons you just stated. keeping my fingers crossed for more gainz!

  2. AMAZING JOB! I ran Smolov once and I ended up with 25# PR on my squat-but my squat was ridiculous low and i hadn’t tested in awhile so it may have only be like a 15-10# PR ;). still an AWESOME program. I may run it again post Burgner

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Yes, it is a really impressive increase, and a good program. But don’t switch things that are working. If you are having success with your current program… keep rolling girl!

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