Squat to Dog

A little recovery work today. Very nice all around. Went on a couple jogs and did some light work at 50% for my squat and bench. Feels good to move a bit.


2 eggs scrambled with:
1 tomato
1/4 an onion
3oz ham
1/2 oz gruyere

Morning Run – about a mile with the dogs

2 scoops whey
1 banana

Lunchtime Run – about a mile

1 cup rice
3 cups raw kale (seriously…)
1/2 cup home made sauerkraut
3 slices bacon
2 eggs
1 tsp olive oil

Light Training

Squats: 3×5@20, 1×3@40K, 3×3 @ 60K — I mostly worked on trying to engrain some good habits based on new cues today. The work was very light, so I drilled my walk out  on all my warm-up and work sets. I pushed to make sure I was getting sufficiently deep on every time. I definitely notice I have a bad habit of coming up too quick and I am going to work really hard on drilling that out of my system in my upcoming training.

My dogs were all up in my way today since my husband wasn’t around to keep them busy while I lifted. Generally, they don’t lift with me, because shit like this happens:

Bench: 2×5@20, 3×3 @ 30K — again, just working on form. Trying to get as tight as possible and nail down my foot placement. Since my bench and rack aren’t connected, I drew a line where they go on the floor so that I am sure to be aligning myself in the same way every time.

1 cup greek yogurt
handful of muesli
half handful of blueberries


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