Mobility, Drills, & Friday Night Pizza

Lots of calf and ankle mobility work today… and a lot more ahead of me 😉  Ugh, it’s probably my least favorite thing everrrrrrrr. It hurts so bad, but I know I need to do it — They are so tight and fucked up and it stops me from ever feeling stable at a good squat depth. Meh. ::complain train::

Anyway, making a goal to work on it every day for the month of February to see how much of an improvement I can make. I watched a lot of videos from K-Star yesterday and I put them into practice today. IT BURNS.

4oz breakfast sausage
3 cups of kale sauteed with bacon fat
1/2 an orange
1 kiwi

15 minutes rolling my calves and ankles on the rumble roller and practicing holding my squat (without lifting shoes)…. ugh… so awkward

2 pieces of string cheese
1 cup of rice w/ butter

Recovery Work & Technique Drills

Nice view from the squat rack today 🙂 

Mobility: 15 minutes my calves and ankles on the bar set up pictured above. OUCH! SO TERRIBLE. But, the bottom of my squat did feel much easier to fall into today.

Bench: 1×5 @ 20K, 3×3 @ 30K Focusing primarily on my set up again. Everything felt good and tighter than it has been.

Squat: 1×5@20K, 1×5@30k, 1×5@40K, 3×3@60K. Really drilling the new walk out and set up cues from Matt. I am happy with the rhythm that my walk it out taking on, and felt pretty good about my depth today. It will be hard work to be consistent with it as the weight gets heavier.


Friday night pizzaaaaaa YUM!

Something really goooood. Not sure what.
I started my period today… and I am considering making a chocolate cake honestly 😉


2 thoughts on “Mobility, Drills, & Friday Night Pizza

  1. Did you know that you can eat the kiwi whole? Skin and everything? SO good! The tartish, crunchy skin and the sweet, soft inside is an amazingly delicious contrast. Also, hella-easier than having to peel the effer! Just give the kiwi a rinse and a good rubbing to get some of the hairs off and you’re good to go, let me know if you try it. Changed my kiwi lovin’ ways, I love them EXTRA now!

    Also, if you google “paleo banana raisin blondie”, the first search result that comes up is the one that I make from time to time….but I sub the raisins for some chocolate chips, hits the spot every time!

    Sorry for the extra long comment, happy weekend!

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