Ankle and Calves already 200x better

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I decided to put some concerted effort into my ankle and calf mobility issues. I have been doing 5-15 minutes of foam rolling, LaCrosse ball wacking, stretching and mashing etc., every day. I am super excited to report that after only 3 days I am seeing DRAMATIC improvements in my mobility.

When I started I couldn’t do a proper barefoot air squat without having my heels come off the ground about an inch (or more). Clearly, I absolutely rely on my lifting shoes to make squatting possible, and this is definitely why I often fall forward onto my toes if I am not very careful. Anyway, by last night my heel raise was down to about a half inch.Today, I did 2 minutes each leg of calf stretches against the wall and when I went to retest my squat I could do it without my heels coming up! Super exciting.

So yeah, this shit works apparently.

Food Log:

2 eggs
2 cups kale
1 sausage
1/2 an onion

1 piece of leftover chocolate cake…. I’ll need to throw the rest of this out soon. Otherwise, I will continue to eat it forever.

2 pieces string cheese
2 cups of Edemame (which, I got from the freezer section at the grocery store. IT WAS AWESOME!… such a surprise)

2 cups tuna pasta salad

Hot Apple Cinnamon drink over football

Tomorrow, I am going to begin an official weight cut for the month of February. Not looking to drop much weight, 5-10 pounds is the goal, and I think that’s totally reasonable. I got my programming for the month and I see no reason why I can’t complete it successfully while eating at a small deficit. Everything is quite light since I will be ramping up and getting used to the new cycle, so It should be more than fine. Obviously, I’ll listen to my lifts on this though. My primary focus right now is to increase my wilks score, I think getting my excess fat under control while the weight is light is probably a good move.


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