Getting Deeper

Today pretty much rocked — I slept in with the dogs while Jeff went skiing. I woke up feeling like the past week of dieting has been working. My weight is around 161# but my belly is looking much less plump. I was even down a notch in my belt — which made me very happy. I haven’t been in the 3rd notch since pre-holidays. Training was awesome. Then, I took an hour long burning hot bath. Pretty much the greatest day ever. Give me this kind of day every day, please!

Took it easy on the diet today. I decided to let myself have some fun so that I can stay on task next week.

2 eggs in tiny bit of olive oil
1/4 cup 7 grain oats & cream of wheat with butter and milk
Coffee w/ cream

Week 1 Day 3 w/ Coach Matt Gary – Squats & Deadlifts

Mobility: Calves & hips all day erry day

Squats: 1×5@20K, 1×5@60k, 1×3@72K, 2×3@84K, 6×2@96K – these all felt pretty great today! My knees were still a bit wobbly, but not as bad as Tuesday at all! I really enjoyed doing all these sets, I feel like I got a lot of practice in. I focused a lot of my attention on my depth and making sure I was at depth without question. There were a couple that I wasn’t totally convinced on, but by the last few sets I was feeling really happy with my form! Loving it 🙂

(set 4)

(Set 6)

Deficit Deadlifts: 1×3@66k,2×3@80K, 4×3@93K – these felt pretty damn good! Considering this is one of my least favorite exercises I was impressed with how smooth and easy these felt today. I did kind of tweak my lower back on my 3rd set at 93K, but hopefully it will pass with a good nights sleep. I’m not too worried about it right now. My fucking back is so finicky. Pea Princess.

(set 2)

Posterior Chain & Abs: I only did 1 set of 15 on accessory stuff today since my back was feeling wonky. I’ll make it up tomorrow assuming it feels better.

I hope you all enjoyed my hip-hop circa 2001 soundtrack in my videos today – yeahhhhh Missy Elliott on Pandora… (so good)

2 cups Jeff’s baked ziti

  • pasta
  • ground beef
  • sausage
  • cheese
  • marinara

1 cup cottage cheese
1/2 a cucumber

4 baby back ribs with bbq sauce
1 cup macaroni salad


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