So over it

Yeahhhh…. sooooo I remembered why I am not a figure competitor again, nor a 148# lifter. I fucking hate cutting. Pretty seriously, NOT my thing. I’m tired, grouchy, and sore everywhere and just not having fun. I think I might be done with it. I’m happy with my body and my weight so I don’t know why I’m making myself miserable and my lifting suck. Gonna just go back to having a good life. Fuck that drama. I am 4 pounds under the edge of the weightclass, so I hit my goal of not being on the edge anymore 😉 

Bubba helps us wax our skiis 

Anyway, not much excitement today. Did a 1000m row while Jeff waxed his skiis… that’s all really. 

2 eggs
1 piece of sourdough
Coffee w/ cream

2 scoops whey

2 pieces string cheese
1 piece sourdough

1 cup baked ziti
1 cup chicken breasts
2 oz cheese


4 thoughts on “So over it

  1. Your body is clearly telling you how it wants you to proceed, you’re smart to listen!

    I get to go back to the gym tomorrow morning, I’m so excited! And kind of apprehensive, not sure what I’m going to do when I get there!

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