I am writing out of habit tonight, not because I want to. I’m in a pretty dog shit mood and hardly feel like thinking about my lifting.

After what was one of the most mentally intense & stressful days of work I have ever had, my “free yourself from work” lifting session was cut short by a nice big POP in my lower back. Now, my shit hurts, BAD, and I am pretty fucking bummed out.

3 eggs
1 cup of coffee with cream

2 scoops whey
1/2 cup (dry) cream of wheat and 7 grain oats

Week 2 Day 1 w/ Coach Matt Gary: 

I probably shouldn’t have ignored that fact that my back felt a little weird after Saturday’s session. I am definitely kicking myself for it today. I just didn’t have the balls to fess up to falling off track when I just started a new program. Anyway… here we are. Time for some rest I suppose, waiting to hear back from Matt, and seriously I am feeling so thankful that I hired a coach recently. I just don’t have another completely unguided injury in me right now.

Squat: 1×5@20K, 1×5@60K, 1×3@75K, 5×5@91K – these all felt fine. I was a little nervous about my achy back, so I belted after 2nd set of squats. My nerves were calmed after doing this and everything felt good. All the squats felt good, tight, and deep.

I felt like I had a nice little breakthrough on my squats today actually — If I tuck my elbows harder, I end up keeping my chest up better and fall into a better groove altogether. My depth is better, and I don’t end up doing a “squat morning” with collapsing knees out of the hole. This was a great realization! Going to continue working on this.

Deadlifts: 1×5@66K, 1×3@80K, 1×2@96K, 8×1@106K – I only got to the 3rd set, then I hurt my back. So I stopped there, went upstairs, and cried for a while (because I was upset that my training is going to stall and I don’t want to be injured again, not because it hurt)

I took a nice hot bath, and am going to ice my back now.

I’ll probably go get a massage in a day or two. ::sigh::

2 scoops of why
Bowl of rice with butter

Dirty Rice – ground beef, rice, spices, veggies


6 thoughts on “Annnnoooyyyyiiinnnngggggggg…..

  1. Oh, awful, so sorry to hear that! Injuries (especially the ones that come when you’re doing something GOOD) can be so draining on your psyche and your body. 😦

    Stay strong, do nice things for yourself……

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