Happier :)

My back is feeling a bit better today and my head and heart aren’t nearly as broken. Sometimes a little rest makes life’s lemons taste a little less sour. I took a loooong hot bath last night, got some extra sleep, and things are feeling… OK. Not good by any means, but not as bad as I was expecting during all the shit yesterday. I have a nice big bruise on my lower back “back dimple” and I assume that whatever popped is what gave me the black and blue mark. Seems like a pulled muscle or something minor, very happy it wasn’t another disc tear! 

I heard back from my coach, we talked about my programming, and I’m not feeling so anxious about how I’ll move forward anymore. Happy to have someone on my team right now. It sucked so much last year when I was training by myself and got hurt — a very “lost” time in my life. Anyway, I’m taking this week as active recovery and then then I’ll see how things are feeling after that. Might be a bit of time off from deadlifting… might not. We’ll see. 

I had a nice time playing outside in the snow with the dogs today and hopefully I’ll get to go hiking and skiing this weekend to make up for the lack of heavy lifting. Even though my body is kinda broken I am feeling very thankful for my amazing life otherwise. 

1/2 cup (dry) cream of the west
1 grilled banana
Coffee w/ cream


Finally killed the never ending baked ziti. YUSSSS

2 pieces string cheese

2 eggs
2 pieces bacon
1 cup rice

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