Lazy Lana’s Food Rant + Bench

My diet has been kinda crappy lately and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I know my diet isn’t really BAD by any means, I get my 150g of protein a day, almost all of my foods are home made, and I usually eat 2 or 3 servings of veggies a day, but I’m definitely not living up to the standards I like hold myself to currently. Lately though, I just can’t seem to find the motivation to want to eat any better.

Recent Fave: Cream of the West with Butter, Milk, and a grilled banana.


I’ve put on 5-10 pounds since moving to Montana (while I know some of it has been muscle since I’ve added 25# to my total, it’s definitely not all muscle). Compared to NYC It’s been much harder to find easy quality meals here and I really have to work for my nutrition. There are no convenient salad bars, or fancy healthy restaurants to fall back onto when the fridge is low on produce. If I don’t have it in my fridge, I don’t have it, period. If I don’t feel like cooking (like… most of the time), I don’t get to eat.

I notice I’ve been falling onto simple carbs for convenience lately — cream of wheat, rice, bread… things I can cook a giant batch of and leave in the fridge for the rest of the week. After a couple months of eating so many carbs, I am also feeling like it’s ALL I want to eat anymore. It might be nice to take two weeks of super low carb and just get these weird addictions out of my system and re-work my habits into cooking meat and vegetables more often. Currently, I wake up every day with the intention to eat more protein and vegetables, but I end up eating rice and a protein shake. Laziest meal ever.

Anyway, I assume I will probably stew around in this grump for a couple more days before deciding to do anything about this, but I wanted to get the thoughts I’ve been having out of my head.

I’m honestly really disappointed in myself for not being able to stick to my diet plans from a week or two ago, and I’m deciding how to handle it. My issue is less with my bodyweight and more with the foods I’ve been eating. I need to put some effort in. Just gotta scrounge up the effort to come up with a plan. Hmmmmm

Week 2 Day 2 with Coach Matt Gary – Bench:

Bench: 1×5@20K, 1×5@25K, 1×3@32K, 2×3@36K, 5×3@41K – feeeelin gooooooood 🙂 Actually felt super easy and light. Very happy with this bench session

Rack Lockouts: 3×3@45K (9rpe) These felt Soooooooo much better than last week. I couldn’t even do this weight for 3 last week, so I am feeling pretty happy with how nice 45K felt. Progress Mmmmmm 🙂

3 rounds
15 t-bar rows in the corner (20K plate on the end)
15 bent over rear delt raise 2.5K each hand
15 lateral raises 2.5K each hand
12 bench dips (up from 8 last week)


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