Saturday Food Log & Training

2 eggs
2.5 slices bacon
coffee w/ cream

3 tiny porkchops
1 cup colorful cucumber salad

Week 2 Day 3- SSPT – Squats

I took it easy today since my back in kind of injured still. Basically just did my warmups for squats, skipped the work sets. Then, didn’t do any of my deadlift work. A little bit of a bummer, but I feel like I got some nice attention on my technique while the weights were light. I focused today on pushing my knees out more and keeping my chest up –specifically by thinking about cranking my elbows under the bar to force my chest into place. Things felt good. I was one with the barbell ::ohmmmm::

Squats: 1×5@20k, 1×5@60K, 1×3@72k, 4×2@84k  I was half convinced that I would just feel good enough to do all my squat work today, but the second rep of my work at 84K was feeling a little straining on my core, so I kept it there for a few sets and didn’t push into my work weight. Honestly, the back of my right knee has been bothering me since Smolov so I am totally OK with this back-off work. I never felt like I got over that cycle really.

Conditioning/Accessory – Posterior Chain and Abs: 

Feelin Pumped! 

3 rounds:
500m Row
15 Good Mornings – 30K
15 Weighted Sit ups – 10K

100 meter row cool down.

2 tiny pork chops
1 cup colorful cucumber salad
2 cups edema-me pods

bowl of ground beef
1/2 cup pico-de-gallo
1/2 an avocado

6 sliced strawberries with cream


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