Thursday Food Log & Training


far far far too much kale
1/2 sweet potato
1/2 onion
2 slices bacon


BBQ Pulled pork and baked beans over a baked potato

Week 3 Day 2, SSPT – Bench

Bench 1×5@20K, 1×5@25K, 1×3@30K, 2×3@35K, 3×3@40K, 3×2@42K – All paused — These felt AWESOME today. My elbows were actually staying tight, my body felt stable, it was just gooood. I really feel like my form has improved so much over the past few weeks of focusing on my coaches cues. Feeling very happy!

Rack Lock Outs – 3×2@50K (9rpe)  These were…. about a 9RPE! haha Oof hard. My form was falling apart on the second rep and I could NOT keep my damn ass on the bench. Perhaps that means I should have taken the weight down, but perhaps not. I am enjoying these though. I do think they are helping my bench a lot. Either way, considering this is my old PR, I’m happy to have hit this for a double from a dead stop off the pins (three times!)

Negative Pull Ups – 5 sloooooow reps down
Side Raises – 3×10 @ 5kg each hand
Back raises – 3×10@5gk each hand
Overhead press – 3×5@20K

2 scoops whey
1 handful raisins
2 cups spinach

bowl of mashed potatoes with butter

Big ol plate of spaghetti dinner with my husband ❤

I was feeling extra hungry today, so I just rolled with it. It was delicious 🙂


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