Woah, long time no post. Lots of traveling. Lots of working. Lots of busy busy busy BUSY! Diet has been… “whatever is available, convenient, or sounds the best” Seems ok for now. I’m in Brooklyn this week for work, so I’ve been totally overwhelmed with work and sleeping on a couch. I’m basically writing to log my workout from yesterday 🙂 I got to see my old lifting partner and it was AWESOME!!!

Lookin like a hot mess after squats with Rupa 🙂 

Sunday: Airport mania all night
Monday: LIFTING! Work Work Work, Dinner
Tuesday: Work, Work, Work, LADIES NIGHT!

Week 4 Day 1 SSPT, Squats

Squats: 1×5@45, 1×5@135, 1×3@175, 1×3@185, 4×5@205# All of these felt awesome!
Deadlifts: 1×5@135, 1×3@185, 1×2@210#
Accessory: 3×15 – Good Mornings (95#) + Weighted Sit ups (40#)
SaunaProtein 🙂 

Ready to bench tomorrow!! 


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