Wednesday Food Log & Training

After a few days of taxi cabs and fancy restaurants… I have started missing my snow covered cows 😦 Ready to head back to Montana. Still have a few more days though. 

2-3 eggs scrambled
2 pieces turkey sausage
1 apple
coffee w/ cream

Week 4 Day 2 SSPT, Bench

Another awesome day lifting with my old lifting buddy at Golds Brooklyn 🙂 A lot of fun and nice to have a friend around for bench spotting fun. I really miss lifting with other people. Though, when an annoying guys we like to call “rage bro” started bitching to us about his girlfriend sucking at squatting (when really he just sucks at coaching) I was feeling quite thankful for the solitude of my basement gym. I kinda miss that 90s grunge hole.

Bench: 1×5@45#, 1×5@55#, 1×3@70#, 1×2@80#, 4×2@95#, 2×3@90# – All work paused. Most of the warmups as well. Benching is feeling so good lately… I feel like a pro.

Pin-Press: attempting 1×3@10RPE – I warmed up to 1×2@115# and my triceps froze and just COULD NOT lock out the 3rd rep out. I was getting stuck about 6 inches higher than I used to though, so I wonder if the pin presses worked for my chest level sticking point a bit and it’s time to focus on the next area. Anyway, clearly, this was higher than a 10 RPE. (this is also AWESOME to have hit for 2 reps quite easily 5# under my PR, feeling quite easy from pins makes me happy!)

Face Pulls & Cable Rows: 3×10

1 scoop whey
coffee w/ cream

Lunch w/ coworkers:
3 slices of fancy NYC pizza – prosciutto parmesan arugula… omg I missed you!

Fancy Italian Dinner w/ Mom, Brother, and Sister ❤ ❤ ❤ :
slice of italian bread with olive oil and olives
Couple bites of of crustini
about 5 pieces of fried calamari
1 meatball
2 raviolis
bowl of home made Tagliatelli Al Lemonew/ grilled chicken — SO GOOD.


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