Home Sweet home

After a very exciting week back in Brooklyn and I SUPER excited to be back home to Montana. So nice to see my husband, my dogs, my house, and my mountains 🙂 Also… REALLY nice to be back in my bed. Coming home has been a great reminder of how much I love my life since moving and just how happy moving out into the mountains has made me.

I am back on my normal 9-10 hours of sleep and couldn’t be happier about it! It was so hard to get regular sleep in NY and was having trouble hitting a consistent 7 hours! UGH!

Also, back to my kitchen!!

Friday: Week 4, Day 3, SSPT – Squats (in NYC)

This session went really well. I was nervous that the lack of sleep was going to have me feeling crummy for my heaviest day of the month, but all was smooth and easy.

Squats: 1×5@45#, 1×5#135#, 1×3#175#, 2×3@210#, 3×2@225# Easy 🙂

Skipped deadlifts since I was flying in the morning and didnt want to risk tweaking anything when I wouldn’t be able to stretch the next day.


Saturday – Flyinggggg
Sunday: Week 4, Day 4, SSPT – Bench (back in MT)

All good in the hood. Enjoyed lifting with Jeff while he waxed his skiis

Bench: 1×5@20K, 1×5@25K, 1×3@31K, 2×3@36K, 4×3@41K all paused all easy
Long Pause Bench: 3×4@40K (3 second count)
Inverted Rows: 
5×5@ same height as bench. I need to talk to my coach about adjusting these soon. Perhaps I will put my feet on a box or something to make them more challenging.



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