Saturday Food & Training Log

Long time goal of training squats with >2plates regularly has arrived 🙂 Feeling Proud!

2 small homemade bagels
cream cheese
Coffee w/ cream

March, Week 1 Day 3 – Squats & Deadlifts

Squats: 1×20 air squats, 1×10@20K, 1×5@60K, 1×3@72K, 2×3@84K, 2×3@96K, 3×2@102K I was having a really hard time keeping my chest up today. I think my glutes were fried from skiing yesterday and also I’ve not been able to be as on top of my diet and recovery with all the guests this week. Anyway, really happy to be working with 2 plates on the bar regularly now and I expect my reps will not always be so sloppy.

Deadlifts: 1×5@66K, 8×1@80K Easy and fun.

Posterior Chain & Abs: 

4×5@60K – Pause Squats. I was annoyed with my bottom position, chest dropping, and knees caving while squatting today so I decided to do these to help drill my positions and work on hitting everything perfectly. They felt good.

3×15@10K – Weighted Sit Ups. Worked on keeping the weight at my nose. I am going to work toward holding it over my head eventually.

1/2 a bagel
2 scoops whey

Leftover Lasagna

Not sure yet… we have six people in our house tonight so I’m not trying to stick to any specific goals other than not loosing my mind.


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