Better Habits Challenge

I have been doing a little “Paleo Challenge” with my Sister-In-Law, Becky, over the past month or so. My primary goal was to try and keep myself maintaining a higher quality of food consumption and an eye on better recovery habits. As I struggled through the past month, I thought hard about how I could make this challenge work better for me and my personal goals.

Overall, the “challenge” part of the challenge was really nice! It’s been great to keep an eye on my food quality and exercise goals in a more goal/challenge oriented mindset. The “Paleo” part of the challenge, on the other hand, was a total failure and I’ve decided to drop it as an objective altogether. I just don’t care about those goals right now. I’m married to an amazing baker and it’s just not sustainable or enjoyable for me to remove his wonderful cooking from my life. Similarly, I see no reason to restrict all of anything completely. I really enjoy cooking and eating and I don’t complete removal of food groups. Right now, I am interested in learning how to incorporate the things I love into a healthy sustainable lifestyle, not restricting everything in my life to the point of insanity.

While I was re-working my challenge goals, I thought I might add in some more lifestyle oriented goals as well.

I put together this game with the intention of building habits that I can stick to for years to come, and ones that make me not only healthy but HAPPY. My intention is to build better habits, make better choices, and find time for not only what I have to do but what I like to do. I do not want to feel like I ever want to quit because it’s too hard, or that I am depriving myself of the things that I love. I am definitely feeling inspired by Shannon’s Passion Experiment over at “Fitty vs. Fatty” and thought I should roll with it.

This is a long term challenge that encourages… Slow. Steady. Progress. I’m not trying to do it all. In fact, my goal is to do only 3/4 of the tasks every day. I can pick whatever ones fit my mood that day.

Challenge — Collect 15 points per day:

Diet Oriented Points: (10 possible points/day)

  • Do not consume store-bought wheat products.
  • Do not consume < 2 serving of dairy (as a woman who will happily eat cheese until her belly aches… this is a reasonable goal)
  • Do not consume startchy carbs on on non-lifting days
  • Do not consume sugar
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Eat colorful fruit or veggies with all meals & snacks
  • Eat protein with all meals & snacks
  • Drink 75oz of water
  • Eat all meals at the kitchen table (without my phone in my hand)
  • Cook all meals & snacks myself

Lifestyle Oriented Points: (10 possible points/day)

  • Go on a walk outside
  • Spend some time stretching
  • Lift on lifting days – OR- complete 15-30 minutes of active-recovery on rest-days (can be rowing, skiing, hiking, playing fetch with the dogs, yoga, or going on an extra walk… anything that gets me moving)
  • Spend some time Reading
  • Spend some time Drawing
  • Sleep > 8 hours a night
  • Take a long hot bath
  • Do not work longer than 10 hours
  • Do something nice for Jeff
  • Play with the dogs

2 thoughts on “Better Habits Challenge

  1. I love this! What an absolutely brilliant idea! I also really like that you assessed your own personal needs and desires and chucked the “paleo” label and rules out the window because they simply don’t work for you. I think it’s great that you are building your own foundation of what is healthful for you (mentally and physically). I think your challenge game is such a cool idea, I’m excited to hear how it goes!

  2. Hey….I couldn’t find your email address anywhere…it’s quite possible that I’m just not looking hard enough. Can you email me at ladyshanny at gmail dot com so I can run an “active recovery” question past you?

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