Tuesday Food & Training Log

Knee deep in the pow pow

2 eggs
2oz ham
tiny bit of cheese

3 eggs
1 cup rice & lentils

1cup rice & lentils
string cheese

1 small BBQ chicken
potato salad

Left work right at 5pm today so that I could go skiing before the lifts closed with my cousin and his girlfriend. Now that daylight savings time has passed it’s light until nearly 8pm!! so much more day! Anyway, hit up a LOT of fresh powder and rocked my legs HARD today. I went down a couple blues and black diamond for the first time today (and only cried for like 5 minutes)!! I am feeling proud of myself for all that and it was super fun  😉 haha. WOO!

March, Week 2 Day 1 SSPT – Squats & Deadlifts

Squats: 1×10@bodyweight, 1×5@20k, 1×5@60K, 1×3@72K, 2×2@91K, 5×2@99K  These all felt fine, better than Saturday’s but still having trouble keeping my chest up and knees out. It’s kiiiind of driving me insane right now. But, I guess that’s why I’m practicing. I need to remember that even though this is under 85%, this is still quite heavy for me to be doing multiple reps on and they are not all going to be perfect and easy.

Deadlifts: 1×5@66k, 1×3@80K, 1×2@99K Easy Breezy. Super happy that this was a light/low volume day today because my legs/hips were sore from lots of skiing this week and all these heavy squats.

Took the accessory work off due to skiing, I feel like that was more than enough leg work for one day.

2 scoops whey

15 points on my better habits challenge today 🙂 Killed 3 birds with one stone by going on a walk around the yard picking up 2 months worth of frozen snowy dog poop with Jeff and the dogs…. ::sigh:: so fun…


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