Almost back to normal…

So, having house guest is nice. But having rotating house guests, without a day in between them, for two and a half weeks… IMMEDIATELY after a week of traveling for work is ROUGH. Really rough. I am burnt out on people. Talking. Drinking. Having fun. Eating. and … everything.

St. Patties Birthday Celebrations

The past couple weeks have been super fun and I loved seeing all of our friends and family, but all I want is to go to sleep, lift regularly, and eat healthy foods. I want my boring normal robot life back.

Walks in the slush

Currently we have 1 guest left. so… almost back to normal.

Training has been fine this week, albeit very distracted. Recovery habits have been ass. Benching was good on Thursday. Squats hurt my back pretty bad yesterday so I didn’t finish them, or my deadlifts and I am now taking a little time to rest and recover. I spent yesterday at the local hot springs, which was amazing and am going to go get a massage soon.

Pretty Sunset over the Anaconda Pintler Range 

p.s. Tomorrow is my Birthday! 29 years old. WOO! Ordered some new lifting shoes as a present 🙂 WEEE!!!

My Green Birthday Weekend Get-up!

Been scoring about 11 or so points a day on my better habits challenge. Doing well with the lifestyle fun, sucking ass at eating well but I anticipate that will get better once my house calms down with the excitement.


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