Wednesday Food Log

Still resting my back… starting to get boring…. BUT, I did go on 3 long walks with the dogs today so I am feeling pretty OK about things. Its nice to get my heart-rate up walking up the hills 🙂

In other news, I got new jeans 🙂 If you don’t know I’ve been living in yoga pants for about 4 months since I tore my last pair of jeans and then moved out into the middle of nowhere with no one to ever see what I’m wearing. Anyway… I am down a size!

A year ago I weighed 155# and bought a pair of Levi “Demi Curve” jeans, size 10. I loved the crap out of them and wore them every day, getting tighter and tighter as my quads and ass grew. Eventually, I split them in half with my enormous squatter’s ass. I have basically been wearing yoga pants (or some other really shitty pants) since.

The other day I decided I should stop looking like a bum, so I sucked up the motivation to buy some jeans online. I was nervous about my size because I had put on 10 pounds while lifting over the past year and I knew my ass was getting giant. Because I wasn’t sure, I ended up buying sizes based on the size chart – it was like like 31 or something like that. I didn’t know how this translated into normal sizes, but I assumed it would be a 10 or 12. I went with the Bold & Supreme curve to accommodate the larger ass.

I just got the jeans in the mail today and they all said size 8 on the tag. I got nervous that they were going to be too small and I’d have to send them back. I tried them on… AND THEY FIT (with room to spare)! First time I’ve been comfortably in an 8 since college… and I easily weigh 10-20 pounds more!

P.S. I would highly recommend the Levi Curve ID jeans for anyone struggling with an extreme thigh/ass to waist ratio. These fit me very nicely.

2 eggs
a couple slices of salami
1 piece string cheese

leftover corned beef & cabbage
1 piece of string cheese

1 cup of pasta
1 cup of elk stew (YUM!)
glass of wine

Late Night:
leftovers of dinner
glass of whiskey

Walked 3-4 miles today.
Scored 14 points on better habits challenge. I did go on an EXTRA walk though, so maybe that should bump be up to 15 😉


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Food Log

  1. I was just scrolling and looked at this picture again. Having a crappy afternoon and the thought of being on this road and walking until I reached those mountains in the distance really appeals to me right now. Dirt and air and sky. Totally needing some outdoor nature time!

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