Training Log

If you haven’t noticed I’m taking a break from food logging. I am just bored of doing it and have no particular goals other than “Don’t get weak” so… it’s going on hold for a little while.

My new Birthday Shoes 🙂 LOVE THEM!

My week of rest is over and I am back to training. I’m not really following a particular program right now as my primary goal is to get my back healthy again. I have the meet in Alaska coming up in 4 weeks, so I am thinking of running Smolov Jr for my bench until then (since bench has been feeling great and it worked really well last time). For squat and deadlift however I’m doing as my coach said and shooting for “a little more than last time”. My aim is an easy linear progression, training as regularly as my back allows. Not overthinking it. All I need to do is hit a total at Alaska and I would rather pull a bullshit total and qualify for nationals, then continue to injure myself as I attempt to get my strength back too quickly.

Tuesday’s Training: 

3×10@20K, 2×5@40K, 1×5@60K, 1×3@80K, 2×3@90K, 3×1@90K


Thursday’s Training:

3×5@20K, 1×5@60K, 1×3@80K, 5×3@95K

1×5@20k, 1×5@25K, 1×5@30K, 1×3@35K, 1×3@40K, 1×2@45K, 1×1@50K, 1×1@55K, 1×1@50K, 3×3@40K, 2×3@42K

Board Press: 


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