Training & Eating Updates

After a few days of feeling kinda blue, grouchy, and sick I am feeling myself again! Nothing big to report, training is still going well and I am hoping it continues as it has been. Getting very excited for the meet in a few weeks! Can’t wait to see Alaska and to lift with all the awesome lifters up there 🙂

Got my new SSPT shirt in the mail from my coach. LOVE IT!

Here’s some photos and videos from the past few days. Major highlights include, hitting really good depth on squats finally, starting Smolov Jr for bench again, skiing blues and blacks like it’s my motha fuckin job, cooking beef wellington from scratch and learning to poach eggs properly! WOO!

Beef Wellington! WOAH!

In my social life, I made friends with the Major of my town 🙂 Jeff and I joined forces with him, his wife, the head of the fire department, and the owner of a local hotel for trivia night at the brewery and we scored ourselves FIRST PLACE! Yeeeehawww!

Yummy poached eggs over spinach, tomatoes, and ham.

Training Log:

Looooots of skiing

Squats: Worked up to 5×3@95K

Enjoy the background music 😉 

Bench: Smolov Jr. Day 1 – 6×6@38K


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