Thursday Training

Another successful lifting session down in my basement 😉  This one was a little rough honestly. I’m not sure why. Perhaps my head just wasn’t into it. Perhaps my period was dragging me down. OR. Perhaps it’s because I lifted at 8:30pm rather than 3 or 4 like usual. I was burnt out and tired and not really in the mood to be lifting… which is rare. Anyway, I stuck with it and pushed through. I thought back to the time I wrote THIS a few months ago:

I thought really hard about how difficult I anticipate the future of my training to be, and how I honestly can’t wait for it, because I fucking WANT IT. Even though I know it is going to be rough at times, and I’m going to feel fat and non-girly, and I might not be making as much progress as I dreamed. It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to question my decision to put my strength before anything else, because I WANT IT. I am not going to give up. I’m not going to let myself. I want to be great. I want to be strong. I want to be the best.

and forced myself not to cut things short.

In food news, I have discovered bulk bags of fish fillets… so good for lunch.

1×10@20K, 1×5@60K, 1×3@80K, 2×2@90K, 1×2@106K, 5×1@106K, 1×2@100K, 1×3@100K

I was giving myself shit for these feeling heavy and sloppy yesterday, but in hindsight… this is quite heavy for me, and I think I should be proud not disappointed.  Moving around 235# without any issues is nothing but good news for my back injury.

I may give myself a rest from squats for a few days. This was a lot of work for my healing baby back. I’ll see how it’s feeling this weekend. I need to do some deadlift work so that may come as a priority.

1×5@20k, 1×5@30K, 7×5@40K

These were good. I paused every rep. It was hard after all the squats… especially considering how tired I was last night. But no biggie. Felt tight and smooth.


One thought on “Thursday Training

  1. Good on you for remembering the end goal and that there may be bumps in the road you’ve chosen! You didn’t trip on the bump, you stepped over it with 235 frigging pounds on your back!

    Happy Weekend!

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