Tuesday Training

Feeling like all this heavy work + a zillion deadlines at work is catching up with me mentally. I have been feeling a little stressed out lately and I was having trouble sleeping last night. I’m definitely looking forward to a couple weeks of rest before the meet right now. My body is asking for some rest, I can tell. Only a couple more squat and deadlift sessions left and then it’s nothing but couch!

My training session was good yesterday. I wore my singlet so that I could feel more comfortable in it at the meet. I looked like a giant baby, but it was comfy, so that’s good. I worked up to a single at 242# on squats and did some volume at lower weights (220# for 5 and for 3). The single was pretty heavy feeling, but nothing unmanageable. As I said, I am feeling a little run down at the moment so I am not too concerned by how it felt.  I think my strength is almost back to where it was before my back injury and that makes me happy. I don’t know if I’ll be setting PRs at the meet, but I think I will be putting up numbers that I am proud of.

Dog training is also going well. Look at these two hansom fellas — ‘sit and stay’! HOORAY!

1×10@20K, 1×5@60K, 1×3@80K, 1×3@90K, 1×5@100K, 1×1@105K, 1×1@110K, 1×3@100K. 

1×5@20K, 1×5@30K, 6(or 7… I might have done an extra set)x6@40K

PWO Meal – Browned Butter & Garlic Risotto & Chicken Breast 🙂 YUM!


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