I suuuuper busy at work right (literally working all weekend… mehhh). So I am being lazy (about my blog) and copying this post out of an email to my coach. Sorry to be super lame…I will be back on my blogging game once I don’t have 2 work deadlines, a husband out of town, 2 insane needy dogs, and a lifting competition on the horizon. Training and work come before my blog… sorry 😉

It got cold again 😦 but it was beautiful and dramatic as usual 🙂 I ❤ montana so much. 

Overly busy work schedule aside, another awesome week of lifting!

I focused on working up to a heavy(ish) single (for sq & dl) and then hitting some drop sets to get a little more volume in (usually calling it a day once my back was feeling fatigued). Bench I just continued with triples and such. Videos are of the bold lifts.


1×5@60K, 1×5@80K, 1×3@90, 2×3@105K, 1×2@110K, 1×1@115K, 1×3@105K, 1×2@105K


This was my PR from last year, and only 5K away from my current. Felt good to hit, I was really happy about hitting it and feeling strong the whole way through.


1×5@70K, 1×3@90K, 1×1@110K, 1×1@120K, 1×1@130K, 1×1@135K, 1×1@110K, 1×1@120K, 3×1@125K


This was much cleaner than the 125K pulls last week and WAY WAY WAY cleaner/faster than last time I hit 300# (even though this is not quite that heavy, it’s damn close). I was VERY happy to have hit this and for it to have felt so smooth. Really boosts my confidence going into the meet. A lot.


I didn’t work up to singles on bench (let me know if you think I should) Today I worked up to 6×3@48K, all reps paused.


I think this was set 5… Feels soooo good to hit the weight I was stalled at for over a year for so many triples!

I’m trying to contain my excitement but I am so pumped for this trip to Alaska! Feels really good to be hitting my old PRs with relative ease and no pain 🙂


2 thoughts on “CTRL+C, CTRL+V

  1. Hey!

    We made it from Seattle to Missoula! Love to meet and hear about how you got going with lifting. Hurt my back flipping a tire in January so haven’t been lifting much. But found a gym that looks great here.

    Good luck with all your crazy business going on! Email when life calms down and we can hang out!


  2. Heyyy! Welcome! Unfortunately for you… you JUST missed winter. Bummer. 😉 I will send you an email and maybe we can get together sometime soon. Are you at Bullet Gym? That’s where I would have gone if I was a tad closer to Missoula.

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