Training complete, now just rest.

My deadlines at work are over, Jeff is back in town, I’m finished my training in preparation for the meet, and life is good again! Nothing but good food and some serious rest left before the meet next weekend in Alaska!

Last workout completed and the gear is all packed up!

I am really excited for the competition, but honestly, I’m probably more excited just to be traveling to Alaska in general. It will be so nice to take a week off from work and enjoy the scenery. I am feeling very confident in my lifts right now and I have worked out all my attempts with my coach. So I can rest easy on that front. My main concern at the moment is making weight (which isn’t a huuuuuge concern really). I generally weigh about 165# but since I know I will be starting my period next week I wanted to make sure I don’t bloat up to 167-168# (which usually happens for me). So, I have been on a very small calorie deficit for the past week and a half, using the LoseIt! app to help me keep my numbers straight. I really like the app a lot. It has helped me see that I can just as easily adjust the amount of time I spend dog walking (rather than depriving myself from food) to help hit a deficit… and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. An extra walk here, a little hike there, nothing big and still eating a good amount of healthy nutritious foods. This morning I weighed 162.5# so I am feeling confident that even if I gain a couple pounds for my period next week I should be safely within my weight class. In the end, if I weigh in over 165 it really isn’t the end of the world. So I am not too worried about it, just trying to do what I can and keep the diet under control this week.

Breakfast today, not terrible different huh?

Anyway, last week I did heavy singles on bench, and worked up to 120, paused and smooth. I will be attempting that for my 3rd attempt at the meet and I am feeling very confident in it… as I am with my squat and deadlift as well. I am soooooo supper happy that my back has healed up and I haven’t lost any strength.

I recently had my last workout, basically just going through my warm-ups on squat and bench. I hit my bench opener and it was easy peasy.

Absolutely amazing weekend with my love 🙂 I will be so sad to leave him next week.

Other than that, nothing new to report, I spent a LOT of time outside this weekend with Jeff and the dogs and it was just wonderful. We did a lot of driving, and a lot of hiking. I loved it all.

Lastly, I am probably going to start logging food again after the meet. I am considering trying to get down a weight class, but I haven’t officially decided yet. I will probably talk to my coach about what he thinks about this.  If not a full weight class cut, maybe I’ll just do a little summertime slimdown after the competition. I am feeling quite full in my powerbelly lately haha!

Anyway, I fly out Wednesday!! WISH ME LUCK!


7 thoughts on “Training complete, now just rest.

    • It is an Inzer belt that I had a friend of mine paint — She did a wonderful job and I never stop getting compliments on it 🙂 The knee sleeves are Rehband Women’s knee sleeves. They are the traditional looking grey/blue on the outside. That pattern is on the inside of the sleeves–which was an awesome surprise!!

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