Home from Alaska and EXHAUSTED!

Home from Alaska!!

The meet was wonderful, I am SO happy that I went out and competed! I got some solid platform experience in and learned a great deal about competing, cutting weight, and lifting under pressure. It was great. The best part is, because I got a total at this meet, I have officially qualified for 2014 Raw Nationals in Denver!! Woo!! I’ve also been invited to lift with team SSPT and of course I will be doing so 🙂  I am SUPER PSYCHED about Nationals — particularly about competing with some of the same athletes I met in Alaska. Yes I just got home, but man, I am really looking forward to the next few months of training!

Chillin with Rob (the meet director), his kids, and Jenny Nocas (Visiting lifter form Colorado)

It was a really great trip and it was so inspiring to lift with some of the strongest women in the sport. Honestly, I can’t express how amazing it was to see these girls lift! Even though I didn’t place in competition, this was one of the first meets that I had actual competition… and they just knocked me out of the park! It actually felt really good to be the weakest person in the room — it is a good inspiration for how much I can grow in this sport.

Jenny (2nd place 181), Krysten (1st place 132), and Myself

So here’s the recap:

Weight: 72.9K (75Kilo weight class)

Ooof! May I never eat a whole lemon ever again!! 

I was very anxious about making weight because I had been weighting 166# normally, and knew all month that my period would start the day of the meet (which usually puts me around  168-169#). So, I was proactive to try to loose a couple pounds and watched what I ate for the past couple weeks. My goal was to get to around 162 so that I could grow into my period weight and hit 165 for the meet. While I really wasn’t that strict on myself diet wise… my plan worked a little too well and I ended up weighing around 160 every morning the week before the meet (a little light). I wasn’t too worried about being low because I was expecting to put 5 pounds on with my period. Well, I got my period as expected but it didn’t bring any water weight (probably because of the water cut (that I realize in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have done)). Anyway, live and learn. I weighed in light — 5 pounds under weight and 9 pounds lighter than my last period. It took me all day to get my weight back up and I think my lifting suffered from this.


Team “Mountain Time” Carbs up!

105, Good – easy but harder than I was expecting

112.5, Good – (meet PR) Kind of hard and I should have taken my 3rd attempt down from my planed attempts after this, but I didn’t listen to my gut.

120, Miss. Got pinned. I just didn’t have the strength in me.


50K, Good – (meet PR) easy

42.5K, Good – (meet PR) easy

55K, Miss – I got the weight up, but I missed the lift because my butt came off the bench. I think had a not lost so much weight this would have been a fine lift. But I was just feeling weak.


125K, Miss – I made the lift fine, but I am a jackass and wasn’t wearing shoes. This was a really really really dumb mistake. I TOTALLY forgot that you need to wear shoes to deadlift and just didn’t plan for this. I guess since I switched to socks in training I just didn’t even consider that I needed to get shoes to lift in (or slippers). Either way, I guess they didn’t notice it to stop me from lifting, and I just went up and pulled it. Easy weight, but they didn’t give it to me. I am assuming because of the socks. The meet director said it could have been something else, but it seems quite obvious that it was the socks. Thankfully, I got to borrow some shoes from one of my fellow SSPT lifters.

132.5K, Good – Slower but no issues.

137.5K, Good – (Meet PR, Personal PR) Obviously, after the way things had gone at this point I was not going to try for 308 and I am SO glad I didn’t haha. This was actually quite intense! I laid it all on the floor was a screaming maniac haha. But, GOOD LIFT! I was really proud of this lift and I hope it marks the end of my injured back drama.

The best news of the day. ALMOST NO BACK PAIN! A teensy bit after benching, but that’s it.

Post-meet feast!

After the past few months of back issues I am so happy with this meet, even if I only got 6/9 lifts. While this meet may not be a great competition performance by any means I feel like it is a very accurate portrayal of where I am in my training right now… a little unsure about my body and very out of practice. I am really looking forward to moving forward with a healthy back and enjoying the benefits of more consistent training.


P.P.S. Thanks so much for all the support from my WordPress friends — You guys may not realize it but your regular comments and words of encouragement really do mean a lot to me 🙂


17 thoughts on “Home from Alaska and EXHAUSTED!

  1. I loved following along on Instagram, Alaska really is gorgeous! Congrats on the excellent job you did at the meet, very impressive!

    Also…why on earth would you eat a whole lemon??

    • Yeah, my head kinda imploded. But GOD DAMN was it the most pleasant period I’ve ever had! I think I may drink 2 gallons of water and eat a lemon every month. NO BLOATING!

      • ha! that would be awesome. I did start doing deadlifts and cleans- so that’s a start I guess? We need a new freaking gym or a sweet home gym! I sneak into the studio I train at during off hours when I can, otherwise I just stick with dumbbells, and they usually aren’t the right weight. I really hate our gym, if I didn’t already mention that 😉 Once we sell our house we are definitely switching! 🙂 I should just come to Montana for a training clinic, right? I really am impressed with your hard work and success though- very inspiring!!

  2. Congrats on the meet! Sounds exciting, and especially so with the beautiful scenery. 🙂
    I’m curious about your experience with lifting-related back pain (i.e., how it started, how you’ve dealt with letting yourself recover, how it has affected your training). (I haven’t visited your blog before. If you already posted about it, let me know!)

    • Hey, Thanks!

      Well, I hurt it about a year ago while squatting (because I had a bad habit of hyper-extending my back and eventually… it got me). Since then I have worked on correcting my form, strengthening my abs, loosening my tight hamstrings and glutes, and paying extra attention to making sure I am lifting properly while training.

      For the most part it hasn’t bothered me over the past year (more than a minor annoyance every couple months), but 2 months ago I re-tweaked it and it caused major issues with training for this meet. I pulled back on weight, auto-regulated my training, playing things by ear, and discussing any issues with my coach via email. Slow and steady it got better and here I am pulling a PR at the meet … and ugly PR, but a PR none the less.

      Dealing with the back injury has mostly required time, experience, and the patience to back off for a few sessions if needed.

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