Pizza, Hot dogs, Hamburgers & Benchpress

uhhhhh yeahhhhh…. title says it all. nomnomnomnomnommmmmm

Some days, this is just… what it is. I worked my ass off in the gym so I’m not too stressed about the crappy diet today. One day of all american fun won’t kill me 😉

1 slice leftover home made pizza
1 protein shake
coffee w/ cream

Hot dog w/ ketchup mustard & relish
about 5 french fries

1 slice leftover pizza
6oz hamburger on sourdough bread, LTO, mayo

2 scoops whey

1 glass whiskey
3 tbsp (unpopped) popcorn

Week 1 Day 2 – SSPT Training Raw Nationals

Bench: worked up to 6×3@44Kilos

Pin Press: Descending down to pins. 3×3@8.5RPE First set at 50Kilos but my butt kept coming off the bench so I took the weight down to 47Kilos. This was an appropriate 8.5 rpe.

Accessory Work: Superset 3×8 – Pendlay rows @ 40Kilos, Push-ups, Jumping Pull ups. I am going to continue with these three exercises for my upper body accessory work this month. I would like to see progress on these and I need to not be so ADD with my accessory work to see that.

1 long walk today.


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