Scones & Squats… and Deadlifts

I have something very exciting to report… I made British Scones and I am obsessed with them! Sure they made me bloated, and I gained like 3 pounds of water in a day but o.m.g. YUM so fluffy and delicious! Jeff got me a subscription to Cooks Illustrated for my birthday and I got my first issue last week. I followed the recipe for these scones on Sunday night and I have been enjoying them so much for the past couple days.

Monday Food Log & Training:

Rest day, just went on a couple walks and a hike with my dogs. It was lovely.

1 scone w/ butter & jam,
1 scoop whey


8oz chicken breast
1/2 a mango

1 cup yogurt with 1 tbsp strawberry preserves

6oz chicken breast

2 glasses red wine

Tuesday Food Log:

1 scone w/ butter and jam
1 scoop whey

7.5oz chicken
1/2 cup leftover risotto

1 banana and some licorice while lifting

6oz steak
1 cup salad greens w/ Caesar dressing

1 glass red wine
4oz steak (yes…. a steak for snack…why not)

Week 2 Day 1 – SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Today’s training started out a little rough — I was pretty tired for whatever reason and my back was a little achy. But, I drank some coffee and ate a banana (and some candy) for some energy. Then, I made sure to get extra tight for all my reps, and powered through my work. Things went well and I was really happy to have pushed myself through the entire workout. I didn’t even skimp on accessory work, and that makes me proud. I am working hard not to slack on accessory stuff this month. I have a bad habit of fucking around there and not staying focused. Felt good to go into my second week hitting all my lifts and not being a jackass about the stuff I don’t love as much.

Squats: Worked up to 6×4@85K Beltless. Like I said, I was tired, but these were fine with a little extra focus on tightness.

Deadlifts: Worked up to 12×1@102K Beltless. These felt better than I expected them to considering how sleepy I was. Maybe the coffee and banana helped out 🙂 Either way, these were good. I don’t know that I have ever hit so many reps without my belt with 225# on the bar. All of these were smooth and it felt good to hit them all consistently and with perfect form. I am really enjoying deadlifting lately. I am being very methodical and becoming a machine… I like it.

Accessory Work: 3×8 RDLs (75K – up 5K from last week) and ab roll outs. I noticed on my first set of RDLs that my shoulders were rounding over because I was being sloppy so I took note to focus on this during my second and third set. I used the “shoulders in my back pocket” cue and worked to keep my upper back super solid. These felt much more effective with proper back positioning.

Feeling really proud of myself lately and just so happy to be training as seriously as I am. It is just wonderful to feel so absolutely committed to what I’m doing.


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