Pump, pump, pump it up!

Work is busy this week, we have our monthly deadline so I am a focused on that this week, but I made time for training and it went really well. Lots of fun benching… got a killer pump. It was great.

Lets talk, for just a moment, about the fact that I actually have some fucking arm muscles! HOLY SHIT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!! So exciting

Week 2, Day 2 – SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Bench: Worked up to 5×3@45K All reps paused. These felt pretty great. I was very happy to hit this weight so smooth and easily. I know it isn’t heavy by any means, but I’m still not fully over my year long benchpress stall, so any time I do work over 100# I get excited.

Pin-Press – Just above Chest height (1 notch over my usual safety bar setting) 3×3@9RPE: I did my work at 50Kilos today, up from 47K last week. They were not easy at all. Well, the first rep of all sets was very easy, but the second and third reps pret-tay slow. My second set, was sloppy and my ass came off the bench a LOT, but I tightened up, took a slightly wider foot position and committed to not letting it come off the bench during my third set. SUCCESS! This is definitely the most weight I have done on the pin presses and I am pretty damn psyched to be hitting a 3×3 only 10# under my current 1rm! Also, very happy to have controlled my flying ass for the last set. I am working really hard to control that… I don’t know why it wants to shoot up when the work gets hard.

Accessory: Superset 3×8 – Overhead Press (20K), Jumping Pull ups (these are getting easy, I can actually do the first one or two strict!), and Push ups (these sucked today haha I think I was getting tired at this point).

Food Log:

3 eggs
a fuck-ton of kale

3oz chicken breast
1/2 cup rice


1/4 rack of ribs
1/4# pulled pork

1 slice of sourdough bread w/ butter and honey
1 bowl of cereal (peanutbutter puffins… fuck yes)


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