Eating ALL the food

The past couple days have been a blur of food and beautiful sunny days. I have tracked everything I’ve eaten, but I am not typing it up in detail, haha. Delicious as it was, it was over my intended calories by about 500 or so both yesterday and today. I am chalking it up to a “cheat day”, as I have been very strict about calorie counting and macros for the past 5 weeks. If I haven’t mentioned it, I am working to slowly get my weight down below 158# by Nationals. I started watching my food intake more seriously 2 weeks before my last competition at 167# and am currently sitting at 162#. While it feels slow, there is progress.


Yes, my goal is only 5 pounds away, so I could just do a cut some water the week before the meet… but I really didn’t enjoy that at my last competition. I felt weak and I didn’t perform at my best. I want to avoid that this time. I want to allow myself to be used to weighing and lifting at 155#, by the time nationals rolls around. I want to be able to compete how I train so that there are no surprises. I have a lot of time so I am not in a rush, and despite my exciting weekend of caloric surplus, I am feeling confident and happy with my progress. 🙂

Week 2, Day 3 – SSPT Training for Raw Nationals

Squats: Worked up to 7×2@92Kilos. I wasn’t feeling great this morning, but I pushed through these and they were good. No issues at all. Relatively light weight. I worked on making sure I was super tight in my upper back, and squatting very deep. I was happy with both of these things during my training session.

Deadlifts: Worked up to 8×1@92Kilos – beltless. Super easy and light, but I am feeling GREAT about my form lately. I am very happy with my deadlift training the past few weeks! Loving how wonderful the new cues are feeling and so psyched to be lifting with a healthy happy back!

Accessory: Skipped accessory work to go on a long hike with Jeff. It was just too nice outside to be cooped up in the basement doing lunges when there are mountains to climb around here! Anyway, about 1 hour with my ruck – up and downhill.


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