How to bake a sweet potato, PERFECTLY

This is a super simple recipe that I use a LOT. I make it every week, and today I realized…  “Maybe I should post the recipe for it, since it is a staple for me.” Also, seriously, this is probably the most delicious food in the world, so why would I not share.


  • 1 large sweet potato (use more if you want… I’m doing a single serving recipe here, but I often make 3-5 of these to save for later in the day/week)
  • 1 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil
  • dash of salt
  • Butter & salt for topping

Pre-heat your oven to about 400 degrees F. Place the baking rack in the center of the oven. I often use convection bake for these just to help get the skin crispier.

Take your sweet potato and wash it off with cold water. Scrub it down with a brush, until you get all the dirt and weirdness off, and have a nice clean potato. After you have scrubbed it down, dry it off with a towel, and then rub a tsp of olive oil or coconut oil all over the skin. Sprinkle a little salt on the potato while it is moist with the oil.

Throw it in the oven, directly on the rack, for about an hour. If you are concerned about dirtying up the oven, lay a piece of tin foil on the next rack down. Usually these don’t make a mess, but every once in a while one will have a puncture in it and the sugary goodness with pour out of it all over your oven. On that note, DO NOT STAB THE POTATO WITH A FORK like you may do with a normal potato, it will make a mess.

After the potato has cooked for about an hour, remove from the oven with a pot holder (it will be super hot) and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Cut it open lengthwise with a butter knife, and then squeeze/pinch it from the sides to make the soft middle squish out of the top.  Top with butter and salt, and ENJOY! AMAZING RIGHT?!

Feel free to add cinnamon for a sweeter desert like meal. Also, I have enjoyed these with coconut oil, or browned butter instead of regular butter. There is no wrong way to eat a baked sweet potato! So so simple, so so delicious. SUPER HEALTHY. Eat the skin, or don’t. Up to you 😉

(P.S. this recipe works great for regular baked potatoes as well)

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